Dr. Winn Sams for Congress

A “Winn” for North Carolina District 11

About Dr. Sams

Dr. Sams practices in Columbus, NC a small town nestled in the foothills of the western part of the state. A native of Charlotte, NC with a B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, Dr. Sams graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in 2002 summa cum laude and valedictorian of her class. Her mission of bringing education, awareness and change began over 12 years ago when she began advocating for states to bring resolutions/legislation around what is happening to our children from wearing too heavy of a backpack. To date, she has helped eight states pass resolutions and implement the intent in schools all over the country. Two years ago, after having a poor communication experience with a local hospital and because of a huge need to provide informed consent on many levels in healthcare, she formed Least Invasive First. Least Invasive First, or LIF, started out as a communication tool support for patients to be a part of defining their care, but quickly changed course to become an advocacy platform. To address the opioid issue, she decided to bring the recommendations of the American Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control, World Medical Association, World Health Organization , Joint Commission and more, on how to treat pain management by using a least invasive approach first from just words to being a reality. West Virginia and Delaware have passed bills with her language/intent, with more states filing this session. After a recent trip to the Capitol, where she was part of an unprecedented event to encourage legislators to join the newly formed Integrative Health Caucus, she realized it was time to take her advocacy work to the next level for her goals to be achieved.

Message from Dr. Sams

     I have a unique blend of education and experiences that are sorely needed in this day and time, yet I don’t  want to be seen as a politician but more as your advocate. I have had so many experiences where I have been not heard, promised things that never materialized and have seen the good, bad and the ugly of our legislative systems on the state and federal levels (even those who represent my district). As a healthcare provider, I am trained to listen and treat all of my patients as important and valued, as they should be. Our Dr. Winn Sams Candidate NChealthcare system is broken, yet we keep trying to throw the same “fixes” at our issues and call them change. I have experienced the heartbreaking effects of the opioid issue in my own family. Our environment is incredibly unhealthy, but it seems like our lawmakers keep turning a blind eye. Our legislators cater to the bidding of outside interest groups/agencies/associations and have lost the purpose of why they were elected. I am running as an unaffiliated candidate because I do not believe in labels and don’t want to keep empowering the illusion that by joining a particular group we will have power. Without the proper training and eye for what is actually happening, we continue to be manipulated and misrepresented. I love bringing change/truth and need your help in putting me in a place where I can continue to do what I love!


    In keeping with my definition of honesty and trying to heal a system that is in desperate need of new/fresh approaches, I am purposely not listing how I stand for or against on issues. This current approach of aligning with a pro or anti stance, fuels polarity, division, oppression, hate and powerlessness. It’s a trick used by the popular parties for way too long to win a popularity contest based on who has the most money and agreement on purported stances. One of my pet peeves is taking advantage of people because they don’t know any better. How we choose a candidate is a prime example of how we are used to benefit a certain party/candidate and I will not support promoting it. Everything you need to know about me as a candidate can be found below, but you have to think like you are considering a relationship/friendship with someone, not who ticks all of your stance boxes. What are the outstanding qualities do you see? Do we need more of these qualities in the world? 

  • We need healthcare that is affordable, covers a wide array of choices and creates competition amongst insurance companies to avoid monopoly like practices.  We don’t have to raise taxes to do this.
  • Carry forward my work that I have done with states by making sure HR6 (passed by President Trump in October) is implemented to bring better insurance coverage and choices for pain management, with emphasis on a least invasive approach first.
  • Redefine healthcare into well-care and sick-care.
  • Establish an equal playing field approach to healthcare. There are no complimentary/alternative therapies. All healthcare choices re needed by modalities.
  • Integrate healthcare options for better, more accurate choices.
  • Bring back humanity and compassion to healthcare.
  • Price transparency and caps for hospital charges.Dr Winn Sams Candidate NC
  • Under no circumstances does our government have the right to practice medicine by making mandatory directives on what is injected into, procedures done or limit choice with regard to our bodies.
  • Enforce transparent informed consent.
  • Empower true person centered medicine, with the patient having an active and equal part in defining their plan of care.
  • Provide our veterans better access to all forms of healthcare, emphasizing well-care. Insure and expand insurance coverage to include these choices. Implement healthy ways for our veterans to heal from PTSD and drug addictions.
  • Address the incongruity of getting a college education, taking out loans and then not be able to pay them back.
  • Listen to our teachers to reform our educational system, which includes proper pay scales to reflect value in teaching and safe learning environments. For those states that have a lottery that was intended to supplement the education system, hold them accountable for those funds.
  • Address bribery and contributions to politicians from outside sources/companies/corporations to do their bidding. Return the power to the public.
  • Define proper term limits for legislators.
  • Bring accountability on how our money is spent and empower new structures that empower balanced spending to receivables. This means all of us have to look at our relationship and debt.
  • Support research into all clean initiatives to return health to our planet, which includes alternative fuel choices as well as potential health issues with smart meters/5G expansion.
  • I will never accept money to push forward a position.
  • I will be attentive to expressed needs and accessible.
  • Bring integrity and intention with everything I represent.
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